Wholesale UV Light Sanitizer from China Factory

Keep your phone and other essentials clean with this UV sanitizer HM-168 that features patented pop-up technology. It completely surrounds your phone for optimal sanitizing in just 30 seconds per side. The lighting position ensures maximum coverage and effectiveness.

Further, it’s free of mercury and chemicals with an advanced safety lock to prevent UV exposure. So it’s ideal for those with children and pets. And you can even sanitize other items such as jewelry, glasses, keys, credit cards, makeup brushes, etc.

Moreover, it also works as a wireless charger for any iOS/Android QI-enabled devices. The hassle-free button operation is easy for everyone to use, including seniors. Lamps inside the box will automatically turn off once you open the cover, protecting you from UV light exposure.

Selling Points:

  • Modern-looking design
  • Works as a wireless charger too
  • Lights automatically turn off
  • Quick sanitizing action
  • Built-in USB port
  • Removes up to 100% of bacteria

Note: This phone sanitizer has been sold out for weeks, and now it’s finally back in stock. Worldwide fast shipping in 24 hours. The PhoneMust HM-168 uses UV light to kill 99.9% of germs that could be lurking on your phone. Sample available. Your logo design is welcome. Contact us at +86-13724243678 for factory wholesale best price today!

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