The Advantages of Wireless Magnetic Car Chargers

Wireless Magnetic Car Charger is a new type of mobile wireless charging device developed for all smartphones, so that the phone can be charged without a charging power charging cable, especially for car owners, in the process of driving, can be very convenient to charge. What are the characteristics of Wireless Magnetic Car Chargers?

1, harmless to human safety

Car wireless charger, harmless to human safety, its use of magnetic resonance, just in the same frequency resonance between the coils, will not be disturbed by other bands, in addition to the magnetic field itself is not harmful to the human body, as a new charging technology, from the safety point of view, do not worry.

2, charging time is very short

Compared with traditional mobile phone chargers, the on-board wireless charger system is very short in terms of charging time and will soon be able to charge the phone.

3, the conversion rate is relatively high

The loss of downloading wireless charging technology is very low compared to wired chargers, and the conversion rate is very high. It is precisely because of the relatively high conversion rate, so that wireless chargers have been widely used in the world.

4, the use of core chips

The core chip of car wireless charger is the main difficulty of application, the radiation range control magnetic field frequency is small, so the control is realized by the core chip, which contains a very high technical content.

Through the above introduction, we can find that the car wireless charger has a lot of characteristics, and for people in need, safe and harmless, short power-up time, high conversion rate, high technology content, these are not now people pursue?

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